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Tour Programme:

 Option 1: Depart from Hoian : at : 08.00 am  

              Finish at : 04.00 pm

 (After the trip ,we take you back to Hoian;Danang Center,Danang Airport,or to your hotel in Danang.)


Price:       50 $ USD /1-4 Pax                

               65 $ USD for 7-12pax

Including: Private Car, English-Speaking Driver.

Exclusive: The Cable cabin Ticket ,Entrance fee.Personal expense


Option 2 : Depart in the morning : Pick up you at Danang Airport to Bana Hills .

               Finish   : 05.00 pm

    (After the trip,we will take you to Hoian Old Town or Danang center)


Price:       50 $ USD /1-3 Pax

                  65 $ USD for 7-12pax

Including: Private Car A/C , English-Speaking Driver.

Exclusive: The Cable cabin Ticket ,Entrance fee.Personal expense



General Introduction

Welcome to Bà Nà Mountains


Located in the Truong Son mountain range 25 km to the SW of Da Nang at an altitude of 1487m and one hour by road from Da Nang lies the Bà Nà mountains. Its temperate climate, unspoiled forest, and spectacular views over the city of Da Nang's awe-inspiring bay and the Lao mountain range made Bà Nà a past popular place to retreat for the French. Today the area still attracts locals and tourists alike. 


YOUR ROAD TO HEAVENLY SCENERY Sitting in the VIP cabin, mid air, looking upon the endless tree line of the forests, guests will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the lush jungle and waterfalls along the way. Experiencing the pristine ecological system of the Bà Nà mountains will bring you a sense of unforeseeable discovery. Beginning its inaugural service this March 25th of 2009, the

Bà Nà Cable Car carries guests to the mountain tops within minutes compared previously to almost an hour by road. 

Ba Na History

Ba Na Resort over one hundred years ago

In 1894, governor general of Indochina, Doumer, decided to build a hill station for French civil employees and military officers. A group of officers led by marine captain Debay and his colleagues, including lieutenants Baulmont, Duhamel and Vairel and sergeant-major Thirlon was assigned to carry out the plan. After many years of surveying various landscapes in central Vietnam, they failed to find a suitable place. In December 1900, Doumer organized a second mission led by Debay and three lieutenants, Becker, Decherl and Venel. In 1901, the mission discovered Mt. Ba Na in the east of the Truong Son mountain chain and found it to be ideal for the construction of a high standard resort. 

The mission employed the local people to build a road to the mountain peak and wooden bridges across the streams. One of them, the Debay bridge, still exists. The officers made detailed records about the mount’s altitude, peaks, construction sites, water sources, rainfall, trees and animals.

The beauty and fresh air of Ba Na Resort encouraged a French doctor to build a resort here. The First World War broke out and the French military officers and civil employees could not return home on leave, so they finally decided to build a resort at Mt. Ba Na.

The main road to Mt. Ba Na peak was built in 1919. The land was used for the construction of public works and private houses. The first villa was built by lawyer Bession in May 1919. The first hotel in Ba Na, Morin, was built. Brick and wooden houses were also built and replaced the low, thatched roof houses. Modern facilities were installed, including electricity, water, public toilets, markets, a laundry, a bakery, an abattoir, a stadium, a medical station, hostels, a telegraph centers and security and police posts. Senior officials from Sai Gon, Hue and Ha Noi came and built their villas here, making it an ideal tourism destination. By the late 1940s, Ba Na resort had more than 200 private villas and lots of public works.

The August Revolution started in 1945 and the French military forces were defeated and withdrew. Vietnamese civil employees in Ba Na returned to their home towns and the beautiful tourist town became deserted.

During the national struggles against the French and American invaders and throughout the national economic crisis, the Ba Na Resort lay hidden in the old forest of the giant Truong Son mountain range.

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