Hoi An Philong Tours is a private company specialising in small group nature-based tours for the active traveller. Our extensive range of tours explore the highlights and hidden delights of Vietnam

With an emphasis on the unique scenery, wildlife and Aboriginal culture of each region, most tours are camping or accommodated safaris catering for budget travellers. Ranging from single day trips to 24 day tours across multiple famous cities.For extra convenience and value for money we have regular guaranteed departures and you can combine many of our tours into packages

We can arrange all of your travel requirements from flights, hotels, car hire and speedboat  hire to coach touring and day tours.We can arrange the trips in all places of vietnam for you 


If you would rather create your own itinerary, we would be happy to assist you in putting together one that best suits your schedule and interest. Then send us your requests, we will respond to you within 6 hours.


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